Automatic Water Supply Flowerpot

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  • Automatic irrigation: the bottom can store water, and the water in the water storage area can be transported to the upper layer through a cotton rope to simulate the natural groundwater environment.

  • Water absorption and storage: one-time watering can be used for half a month, surrounded by an inner basket, which can be taken out easily to check the water level at any time

  • No water leakage: there are matching plugs at the bottom to prevent water leakage. The flower pot is equipped with a water plug. After watering, the drainage hole at the bottom of the flower pot is plugged. It can be used on indoor balcony

  • Design security: The flower pot is made of polypropylene resin, which is toxic and odorless, acid and alkali resistant, lightweight and not easily deformed. The flower pot's hanging inner buckle hook design is safer and more reliable.

  • Safe and reliable load-bearing: The lifting chain adopts a triangular design and uses a stainless steel chain, which does not rust and is safe and reliable


  • Material: plastic

  • Color: red,white,grey,black,coffee,green,blue

  • Size: L: 25.5 cm/ M: 21 cm/ S: 16.5 cm


  • 1* Automatic Water Supply Flowerpot

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